Timber Beast DGC Virtual Tour

All videos and pictures created by Nic Price in July 2020

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The Satellite Images provides the location of each start pad, basket, and location of the next start pad as you can see in the example to the right.

Course Overview
Hole 1
Par 3 Dist= 230 ft.
Hole 4
Par 3 Dist= 200ft.
Hole 7
Par 3 Dist= 218 ft.
Hole 10
Par 3 Dist= 335 ft.
Hole 13
Par 3 Dist= 338 ft.
Hole 16
Par 3 Dist= 297 ft.
Hole 2
Par 3 Dist= 303 ft.
Hole 5
Par 3 Dist= 272 ft.
Hole 8
Par 3 Dist= 300 ft.
Hole 11
Par 3 Dist= 273 ft.
Hole 14
Par 3 Dist= 233 ft.
Hole 17
Par 3 Dist= 177 ft.
Hole 3
Par 3 Dist= 267 ft.
Hole 6
Par 3 Dist= 267 ft.
Hole 9
Par 3 Dist= 206 ft.
Hole 12
Par 3 Dist= 291 ft.
Hole 15
Par 3 Dist= 243 ft.
Hole 18
Par 3 Dist= 350 ft.

General Course Information

The Timber Beast Disc Golf Course is open all year.
As one of the highest ranking courses in the area, Timber Beast Disc Golf Course is packed full of beauty. 
Some holes are open shots along the river while other holes are heavily wooded to make for a fairly short, but technical course.
The Timber Beast Disc Golf Course is flat for the most part as there are no large hills to walk up, but you will find a lot of little ditches and small drop offs throughout the course.
Even though signs are posted throughout the course, you still may want to use the satellite images provided on the Disc Golf Course Tours website. Some areas of this course can get confusing if you are brand new to the Timber Beast Disc Golf Course.
The average time for 2 discers to play the full 18 is about 1 to 1.5 hours.
Bathrooms are available in the parking area and there are garbage cans located throughout the course.

Information Regarding Leagues, Tournaments, & Other Notifications Is Posted On Their Facebook Page - "Kootenai Valley Huckers"

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