Nature's Playground DGC Virtual Tour

All videos and pictures created May 2020

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The Satellite Images provides the location of each start pad, basket, and location of the next start pad as you can see in the example to the right.

Course Overview
Hole 1
Par 4 Dist= 483 ft.
Hole 4
Par 3 Dist= 421 ft.
Hole 7
Par 4 Dist= 494 ft.
Hole 2
Par 3 Dist= 315 ft.
Hole 5
Par 3 Dist= 419 ft.
Hole 8
Par 3 Dist= 384 ft.
Hole 3
Par 3 Dist= 208 ft.
Hole 6
Par 5 Dist= 783 ft.
Hole 9
Par 3 Dist= 363 ft.

General Course Information

The Nature's Playground DGC is available year round.
Located in the same area of the Blackfoot Pathways Sculpture In The Wild, this course is packed full of trees and sculpture art! Yes I said ART!!! The Sculpture art work makes this course a very unique environment. 
Due to the large amount of trees and a few holes with a distance of more than 400 feet this course might be frustrating for a beginner.
So if you are traveling through Lincoln and need to take a break from driving, throwing this course is a great way to stretch the legs! 
The average time to throw this course is about 45 min for 2 discers with an average skill level.
Public restrooms are available close to the tee pad of hole 6. You will also find some trash cans in this same area. Please keep in mind that these restrooms may be closed during the winter months.

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