Lawrence Park DGC Virtual Tour

All videos and pictures created August 2020

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The Satellite Images provides the location of each start pad, basket, and location of the next start pad as you can see in the example to the right.

Course Overview
Hole 1
Par 3 Dist= 241 ft.
Hole 4
Par 3 Dist= 348 ft.
Hole 7
Par 3 Dist= 288 ft.
Hole 10
Par 3 Dist= 295 ft.
Hole 13
Par 3 Dist= 219 ft.
Hole 16
Par 3 Dist= 208 ft.
Hole 2
Par 3 Dist= 338 ft.
Hole 5
Par 4 Dist= 605 ft.
Hole 8
Par 3 Dist= 211 ft.
Hole 11
Par 3 Dist= 219 ft.
Hole 14
Par 3 Dist= 256 ft.
Hole 17
Par 3 Dist= 328 ft.
Hole 3
Par 3 Dist= 452 ft.
Hole 6
Par 4 Dist= 504 ft.
Hole 9
Par 3 Dist= 365 ft.
Hole 12
Par 3 Dist= 305 ft.
Hole 15
Par 3 Dist= 315 ft.
Hole 18
Par 3 Dist= 349 ft.

General Course Information

The Lawrence Park Disc Golf Course is a perfect course for all ages and skill levels.
With this course located in the city park, it is open all year and very well maintained.
The front 9 holes are open for the most part with very little change in elevation. So a great way to scratch out and warm up!!!
The back 9 holes contain more trees to create a more of a challenge to the more advanced player.
The average time to throw this course for 2 players is about 1 hour and 15 min.
There are trash cans and public restrooms available. 

Information Regarding Leagues, Tournaments, & Other Notifications Is Posted On Their Facebook Page - "Flathead Valley Disc Golf Community"

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