While I was in the Bozeman area, I decided to drive to Mcleod and check out the Camp On The Boulder Disc Golf Course.
Even though it is a beautiful drive once you pass Mcleod, I was still disappointed to find out this course is located on a private camp ground. 
I don't mean a camp ground site where you have the option to pay to stay.
This site is held for large functions like church camps, school camps, and things of that nature. 
With no trespassing signs posted on the gate and along the fence line, I didn't take the chance to climb the fence to check it out any further.
Even though this course is not open to the public, I have to say, I think it is very cool this camp is introducing the great sport of disc golf to the younger generation. So a huge thumbs up for that!!!
If you are looking for a great spot to camp, they do offer some public spots in the area, but don't drive all the way there to throw this course.
Hopefully this post was helpfully and if you have any additional information about this course, please feel free to post it in the comments below.

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