Bighorn Ridge Virtual Tour

All videos and pictures created August 2020

Big Sky is about 45 miles south of Bozeman Montana

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The Satellite Images provides the location of each start pad, basket, and location of the next start pad as you can see in the example to the right.

Course Overview
Hole 1
Par 3 Dist= 320 ft.
Hole 4
Par 4 Dist= 423 ft.
Hole 7
Par 3 Dist= 278 ft.
Hole 10
Par 3 Dist= 221 ft.
Hole 13
Par 3 Dist= 364 ft.
Hole 16
Par 3 Dist= 150 ft.
Hole 2
Par 3 Dist= 228 ft.
Hole 5
Par 3 Dist= 300 ft.
Hole 8
Par 3 Dist= 317 ft.
Hole 11
Par 3 Dist= 245 ft.
Hole 14
Par 3 Dist= 194 ft.
Hole 17
Par 3 Dist= 102 ft.
Hole 3
Par 3 Dist= 228 ft.
Hole 6
Par 3 Dist= 210 ft.
Hole 9
Par 3 Dist= 288 ft.
Hole 12
Par 3 Dist= 212 ft.
Hole 15
Par 3 Dist= 104 ft.
Hole 18
Par 4 Dist= 484 ft.

General Course Information

The Bighorn Ridge Disc Golf Course is open all year.
This course has some serious elevation changes with lots of trees. There are a few open holes as well.
This course is great for all skill levels, but if you are brand new to the sport, parts of this course may be a little tough.
The average time for 2 players to throw the Bighorn Ridge Disc Golf Course is about 1 hour.
Public restrooms & trash cans are available in the park area.

Information Regarding Leagues, Tournaments, & Other Notifications Is Posted On Their Facebook Group - "Headwaters Disc Golf Club"

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